• Your journey at Lee starts with your #LeeUArrival and New Student Orientation (NSO)! We look forward to helping you get a strong start here at Lee. When you arrive on Friday, August 17, we will have most of the offices in one central location for your convenience (Science and Math Complex Great Room). For students living on campus, you will also be able to move into your residence hall that day.

    We hope that you are as excited about your #LeeUArrival as we are! We know that it can be a nerve-wracking process, but we are always here to help. Feel free to email firstyear@leeuniversity.edu or call us at (423) 614-8623 if you have any additional questions about your first week at Lee.

    You can download the LeeU Events app from the App Store or Google Play to find further details about your arrival as we approach orientation. LeeU Events is a mobile app that will help you navigate New Student Orientation and stay up to date with events throughout the year. This resource features interactive schedules, turn-by-turn directions, push notifications, information about our campus, and connections to some favorite spots in the Cleveland area!

    Follow the Office of First-Year Programs on Twitter at @LeeUFirstYear and use the hashtag #LeeUArrival to share your experiences!


    View the NSO Schedule

    NSO Check-In and Move-In Day

    It all begins on Friday, August 17, with New Student Orientation (NSO). You will receive an Event Guide detailing the rest of the week’s activities, a free shirt, and several pieces of vital information regarding your next steps for completing the registration process. If you are living on campus, you should receive information from the Residential Life staff before you arrive regarding a scheduled time to move in to your Residence Hall on Friday, August 17. There will also be plenty of fun events happening throughout the evenings!

    Throughout orientation you will take part in various sessions that will help you learn how to navigate your first year at Lee. Some of these will be required for new students. There will also be optional sessions for parents and families to attend about the Cleveland area or about what to expect from the next four years. We also will invite all new students and families to join us for the Service of Dedication. The Service of Dedication is a tradition in which Lee’s faculty and administrators come together to welcome new students and their families to Lee.

    Social Events

    There will be many opportunities for you to meet fellow students and get plugged in here at Lee. During your first week at Lee, Welcome Week, student clubs host events with food, games, and music each night! Stay tuned for more information.

    Parent Info

    We are so excited that your student has chosen to attend Lee University! We know this is a time of transition for you as well, so we hope that you will be able to join us for the New Student Orientation (NSO) weekend.

    On the NSO schedule, you will see that we have prepared some sessions just for you. We are thankful when parents and family members are able to visit our campus. We always appreciate the opportunity to share about Lee and the Cleveland community with you.

    The two most frequently asked questions from family members are: "When would you suggest that we arrive?" and "How long should I plan to stay based on my student's schedule?"

    Most families and new students arrive on campus Friday morning. We encourage families to join us for various NSO events throughout Friday and Saturday, including the Service of Dedication event. After these two days of helping students get settled in, most families will leave on Saturday afternoon before various "student only" activities begin.

    The Office of First-Year Programs is here to help answer any questions about New Student Orientation, so feel free to contact us at firstyear@leeuniversity.edu or (423) 614-8623.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is New Student Orientation? Do I have to attend?

    New Student Orientation (NSO) is required for all incoming students. NSO is an introduction to life as a Lee University student. During NSO, you will have the opportunity to move into your residence hall, check in with the Office of First-Year Programs, finalize your registration, confirm enrollment, and learn about all of the resources and opportunities Lee has to offer new students. NSO is a great opportunity to meet new and returning students, faculty, staff, and student leaders. Make plans to join us starting on Friday, August 17.

    Do I need to register for New Student Orientation?

    No, there is no separate registration needed for NSO. Everything begins on Friday, August 17!

    What if I have scheduling conflicts?

    If it is not possible for you to attend New Student Orientation, please make sure to contact the First-Year Programs Office prior to NSO Weekend. We can be reached by email at firstyear@leeuniversity.edu or by phone at 423.614.8623.

    Can I bring a guest to New Student Orientation?

    Yes, guests are welcome to attend NSO with you. Many students are able to bring members of their immediate family with them to assist with the transition.

    Will I meet with an advisor and finalize my class schedule during New Student Orientation?

    If you have not completed early class selection prior to NSO, you may be able to work with Academic Services to build your schedule during NSO Check-In. If you need to make changes to your schedule or are unable to confirm on Friday, you can finalize this process on Monday or Tuesday. If you have a class schedule, but still need to confirm enrollment, you will be able to do online prior to your arrival or during NSO Check-In.